Monday, February 21, 2011

4th Lesson With Dr-Dogs

Main highlights :
- Introduction to the elevated balancing beam
- Dog exchange

Scallop as usual simply refuses to give in quietly in the initial stages. He refuses to 'Walk On' when told to onto the beam, refuses to walk when on it and refuses to come down at the end. The only way to get him to co-operate finally? Treats! After which, he suddenly became a hero and would try to dash up, over and back down the whole balancing beam set at top speed... *roll eyes*

The dog exchange exercise was a disaster for Scallop. He was the most stubborn and most difficult to handle 4-legger during that exercise. We are pretty sure nobody would want to handle him the next time round.

Scallop refusing to 'Walk On'

Scallop refusing to 'Walk On' again and getting a talking to

Scallop being real stubborn

Scallop finally a little more co-operative

Greedy Scallop needed some motivation


Disastrous dog exchange with Poppy

Equally disastrous dog exchange with Coby

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Teeth

Discovered that Scallop's beginning to lose his baby teeth. The first one to go is one of his front top tooth. Incidentally, during his daily night teeth brushing, the most difficult to clean are his top front teeth. He simply dislike having the toothbrush touching those little things. The toothbrush can freely travel through the rest of his mouth though.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Harness + Toys

In preparation for coming Saturday's East Coast Park swim for Scallop, we visited Eastpoint PLC to get him a harness.

Trustie Vinyl Toy - Paw Ball - S$3.06
Petstages Calming Treat Capsule - S$14.46
Rogz Scooter H-Harness Beach Bum - S$17.19

Monday, February 14, 2011

3rd Lesson With Dr-Dogs

1st post CNY lesson sees a number of absentees. Max the GR puppy and teacup poodle were among those who didn't turn up. Instead of the elevated vault which Stanley said would be introduced this week, we were encouraged to get the furkids to go through the same poles instead. We thought that was a good idea as some of them, particularly Scallop were facing problems initially.

Scallop not budging no matter what

In the end, he was reduced to the sidelines to observe the others having their fun

Scallop simply refused to leap over the poles under my lead; to prevent injury to his neck, Stanley converted the standard collar/leash configuration to body harness

No luck... I need to literally pull Scallop over the course, he's really stubborn at times

We tried a different approach, making him sit/stay at the start of the course and calling to him at the other end. Stanley thought Scallop may be fearful of crossing the course with me as we knocked down the poles a couple of times when we were doing it together but he may be willing to do it alone.

Well, at least there's some improvement! He did leaped over the 1st set before cheating and bypassing the rest of the course by running over from the side to me

After some encouragement, Scallop did it! And he's F A S T !

Scallop showing off his sit/stay despite all the distractions from both humans and dogs

Scallop ignoring the offered treat and ran towards me when called, as a reward, he was offered the same treat after that

Scallop's ultimate weakness! Unable to find the correct spot when called from a distance... note his response was the fastest, problem is he had trouble finding me...

Scallop having no problems running through the full course of leaping over the poles and going through the tunnel at the end of the day. His speed is impressive

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Conditioner + More Dogswell

Feb is my bday month, so visited PLC to take advantage of the 15% discount.
Scallop's running low on MC Sheen UM Oil, unfortunately PLC Eastpoint no stocks... His Everyday Isle of Dogs Lush Coating Conditioner also no stocks...

In the end bought yet another 3 packets of Dogswell Treats;
Breathies Duck Breast, Happy Hips Duck Breast and Vitality Duck Breast (S$39.75)
And Everyday Isle of Dogs Silky Coating Conditioner (S$23.20) instead.